When you read an eBook by The Fashion and DesignClub, you'll go straight to places in the middle of the luxury fashion world. There's only one way in and no way out.

Our history is short but we have done many things

The Fashion and Design Club was founded in London in 2011. CEOs, chairpersons and creative directors of several luxury fashion brands would meet regularly to discuss key business issues relating to luxury fashion and share ideas from their own brand experience. Brand representatives also assisted Club members in obtaining key information about companies and how to make successful introductions. Guest speakers included senior management from fashion brands and partners from law and accounting firms. Chatham House Rules of Confidentiality were always applied to facilitate fair, unbiased discussion.

When you read a Fashion and Design Club eBook, we'll show you things in the fashion world beyond your wildest dreams There's only one way in and no way out.

We needed to do more than talk

But discussion was only the start. Club members wanted more and in 2014 commissioned a series of books, each entitled Inside the Brand, on both luxury and ‘affordable’ luxury brands. These books are written by fashion students for fashion students. The books aim to provide an in-depth understanding of how a brand operates and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

We never do anything in halves

When setting out on our publishing adventure, the Club initially targeted only 15 of the world’s top fashion brands for publication. That number has since grown exponentially and currently, there are 85 brand books published or in the pipeline. The Club continues to expand its list to ensure more comprehensive coverage of the diverse luxury fashion sector. This means that not only students but anybody interested in the ins-and-outs of luxury fashion is fully informed.

When you read a Fashion and Design Club eBook, we'll give you insight into the intriguing and mesmerising world of fashion. There's only one way in and no way out.

The fashion industry writes for fashion students

Researchers are from the fashion industry who have researched and written the Inside the Brand series. The Fashion and Design Club’s eBooks provide invaluable insight into a brand’s history, development, expansion, business operations and finance.

As these books are written as an educational tool for fashion students, we assume that readers have a good understanding of each brand's designs.

BUY Inside the Brand TM

All published Fashion and Design Club titles will be available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, either in electronic format or a hardcopy for a real-feel read. You will be able to discover our Inside the Brand books some time in the future by accessing the links on the Books page.